African gardens

Grow vegetables in the UK, African style, and introduce your children to the world of growing plants through the lives of children in African countries. These practical ideas bring Africa to life, count towards Eco-Schools status, and our fantastic gardening kits will help get you started. If you garden at home too, take a look at our African Gardens in the UK resources.

  1. How to make a Keyhole Garden - Starter Kits

    Advice for two designs of the African garden

    How to make a Keyhole Garden - Starter Kits

    Keyhole Gardens are a great addition to any school grounds and a really great technique used across Send a Cow projects in Africa. A Keyhole Garden is a type of kitchen garden that recycles as it grows. The design - which looks like a keyhole from above - incorporates a central ‘basket’ where compostable waste is placed and water is poured. They are especially useful in areas where good soil is scarce, often adding nutritious vegetables to diets. Send a Cow uses them as part of our training, and they get fantastic results; families start to grow enough to eat and sell.
    You can buy a Starter Kit to get you going for £10, by calling us on 01225 874222. The kits contain seven seed types commonly grown in Uganda, growing and building advice, info on how the crops are used in Uganda and coloured seed markers. The two files below also help to show the Ugandan style version and the rocky Lesothan version. Also, see how we made a Ugandan style garden in the UK in the Powerpoint and then make your own using our kit and enter the competition!

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  2. African recipes - including chapatis for Shrove Tuesday

    Simple but tasty African dishes to try out

    African recipes - including chapatis for Shrove Tuesday

    These recipes will spice up your learning about African countries and have been chosen as most are fairly easy to make. The first is for chapatis, and along with Mandazi, are a great alternative on pancake day. Types of food eaten across Africa varies greatly and is partly dependent on access to different ingredients. Often poor families will have to survive on a diet of beans and rice, but when money starts coming into a household and more food is grown, children’s diets become more varied, healthy. . . and tasty! Use the food images gallery to set the scene before you get cooking.

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  3. Bag Garden Starter Kits

    Small gardens, ideal for small hands

    Bag Garden Starter Kits

    Bag Gardens are a type of African garden that Send a Cow teaches families how to make in Africa. They are also a great way to get your pupils involved in a growing project, learning about healthy eating and life in an African country - with plenty of related resources and images to help you. These mini-gardens make the most of soil, compost and waste water, are easy to weed and can be grown in schools. Use the link below to find out more - and order a Bag Garden Starter Kit for £12, or call us on 01225 874222.

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  4. Olinga’s climate change game

    Learn how a Ugandan boy is preparing for climate change

    Olinga’s climate change game

    Using this fun game, case study and Powerpoint, you can help pupils to understand how climate change is already affecting families in African countries. Olinga from Uganda is an encouraging example of how using simple methods (some can be tried out in your school) and hard work can help people be more food secure for the future. At the same time, this resource will help pupils to think about their own use of energy and resources in the UK.

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  5. Gardening advice from a watering can!

    Little gems of organic advice from Mr Tomato Head

    Gardening advice from a watering can!

    Need some pointers for your African Garden? Or just want to get your pupils thinking about how they can have fun in your school garden by trying out some ideas? Then visit Mr Tomato Head’s ‘Can of Wisdom’ on our fantastic kids’ website,, for a delightful, interactive way to gain excellent advice!

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  6. Keyhole Gardens - video clips

    Find out how Keyhole Gardens are used at home & school

    A Ugandan group and school children in Lesotho show how to make a Keyhole Garden in these two videos. If you don’t have access to at school, register for an account on their website at home and then you can download all our videos using the link on the bottom right of each video page.

    How to make a Keyhole Garden from Send a Cow on Vimeo.

    Keyhole Gardens in Lesotho from Send a Cow on Vimeo.

    You can download these videos for use in schools (if Vimeo is blocked) by creating a Vimeo account, going to the video and choosing the ‘download’ option on the right.

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  7. Bag Gardens in Uganda and the UK - video clips

    Hope from Uganda shows how to make a Bag Garden

    Hope and her friends make a Bag Garden in the first video and the second shows how pupils made their own gardens in a UK school. If you don’t have access to at school, register for an account on their website at home and then you can download all our videos using the link on the bottom right of each video page.

    Making a Bag Garden in Uganda from Send a Cow on Vimeo.

    Bag Gardens in a UK school from Send a Cow on Vimeo.

    The high-quality version of these video can be found on our Cabbages & Cowpats DVD. Order a copy here.

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  8. Make an Energy-saving Stove

    Simple mud stove design that saves wood

    Make an Energy-saving Stove

    These stoves are used in Send a Cow training in African countries as they use less wood and take smoke away from the cook. They are also a great idea for a design project for older pupils. You can make them over the period of a few days, depending on the weather, and with a bit of supervision they can be cooking their own food on it within a week! You could also set pupils the task of designing their own versions of the stove using various different materials.

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  9. Make your garden a work of outdoor art

    Some art ideas for your Bag or Keyhole Gardens

    Make your garden a work of outdoor art

    Brighten up your garden even more by using these fun ideas or turn your own recycled materials into something amazing. Your pupils can learn more about African art and recycling through activities like these. Signs are included to colour in.

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  10. African organic gardening tips

    Quick tips and ingredients for organic crops

    African organic gardening tips

    If you don’t want to use pesticides and other nasties, but you do want to make the most of nature. . .try these tips! Simple pieces of advice from companion planting to making plant tea, these pointers should help your pupils get even more excited about the world of growing plants. They are especially good for use in your Bag or Keyhole garden as they mirror the techniques used by African families.

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