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Find out some African facts and background information about the lives of children in African countries. These resources ‘set the scene’ and allow pupils to compare ways of life, and think about what it means to live in a diverse world.

  1. Uganda - country information sheets

    Facts and background info - great for projects

    Uganda - country information sheets

    These sheets give a brief overview of Uganda, with information on the geography, culture and issues in the country. They are useful if you are studying Uganda in topic work and offer comparisons with the UK, they also link well to the stories of Matia, Sanyu and Theresa. You can find all sorts of images from Uganda in our gallery. And you can make a donation to our work in Africa, including in Uganda by following this link.

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  2. East African Tastes for Harvest

    Try out these tastes!

    East African Tastes for Harvest

    This simple food topic starter introduces pupils to some new foods/crops and helps them think about what can be grown in other countries and how these crops might be grown and harvested. Print out these sheets then make the foods (we have kept them quite simple). Set them out in a line and either have sheets face up so that they can see what they are, or place face down and ask pupils to guess what they are. You could extend this idea by choosing several foods and as a class deciding whether they can be grown or produced in the UK, African countries or both.

  3. Four Ugandan children’s games

    A collection of games played by African children

    Many of the games that children play in East Africa are about things in their everyday lives: food, family and homemaking. Children play them in school fields, at home or on un-used land in their neighbourhood. These games, on the pdf below the video, are from a group of children near Iganga, Uganda. Before Send a Cow helped their families, many of these children were malnourished, only ate one meal a day and had very little energy to play. Through training in natural farming with their families, the children are now able to enjoy their childhoods and grow up healthily – having enough nutritious food for three meals a day and having the skills to grow food for the rest of their lives.

    If you don’t have access to to watch videos at school, register for an account on their website at home and then you can download all our videos using the link on the bottom right of each video page.

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  4. African Walk on Wednesday

    Motivate your pupils to walk to school!

    African Walk on Wednesday

    For Walk on Wednesday, why not do something different to motivate your pupils to be healthy and help them learn about Africa while they walk? You’ll be joining in with the thousands of children across Africa who walk to school every day. There are ideas and resources for what you can do on each day, (such as playing African games, making plastic bag footballs and eating African fruit), along with a Powerpoint to introduce the idea to pupils. Plus, there are some information boxes about life in East Africa and illustrations to help you to create a classroom display. We’d also love it if you chose to take the opportunity to get children sponsored and fundraise for Send a Cow.

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  5. East African Advent Tree

    Have an African Christmas in your classroom

    East African Advent Tree

    A great resource for Christmas/Advent, these sheets help make a fantastic acacia tree that will create a colourful wall display. During Advent, your children will learn about Christmas in African countries and do something kind at school or home as hangings are added to the acacia tree. They are large file sizes, so please be patient. You can also see all of the information on a page with links to recipes etc here.

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  6. Cowforce Africa quiz

    Fun online activity to introduce Africa to kids

    Cowforce Africa quiz

    These short quizzes can be filled out while pupils visit our engaging website When they go on Tazo the goat’s roadtrip they can find the answers to the questions in the pdf below. This IT activity gives pupils a fun introduction to life in Africa and the diversity of the continent.

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  7. Uganda photo pack

    Ugandan pictures with questions and info

    Uganda photo pack

    This photo pack has twenty sheets of images with questions and links to information on the reverse. The pictures are of farming, gardens and of food being grown, stored and processed. They are great for any Africa topic work and especially if you are looking at food, farming and climate change with your pupils. The files sizes are large as they are high quality - but they’re worth the wait!

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  8. Farms and growing food in Uganda - video clip

    A slideshow video introducing Ugandan crops and farming

    This slide-show gives a good background introduction to small-scale Ugandan farms and how Send a Cow helps rural families. If you don’t have access to at school, register for an account on their website at home and then you can download all our videos using the link on the bottom right of each video page.

    Intro to Ugandan farms from Send a Cow on Vimeo.

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  9. Intro to Uganda video

    A slideshow video briefly introducing Uganda

    This minute long slide-show gives a quick introduction to the various aspects of life and scenery in Uganda. If you don’t have access to at school, register for an account on their website at home and then you can download all our videos using the link on the bottom right of each video page.

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  10. Build an African Farmyard - ideal for Harvest

    Learn and fundraise in this exciting art project

    Build an African Farmyard - ideal for Harvest

    ‘Build an African Farmyard’ is a fundraising and learning resource that’s all about creating a fantastic wall display of an East African farm (it’s perfect for a Harvest topic, but also great all year round). We provide you with the information, ideas and illustrations of the elements on the farm to photocopy, colour in and add textiles to… and your class learn, have fun and raise money - simple!

    Go to the Build an African Farmyard page on the Send a Cow website to find out more, download the pack and order the display poster (you can also order the poster here).

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